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Sylvia Wiggins

Sylvia is a non-executive director, senior executive and investment banker with global experience in the public and private markets, and broad private sector experience in energy, infrastructure, finance, transport and defence. Sylvia has worked extensively with the private sector and with and for advising government. Sylvia was the first female and youngest partner of a global investment bank in 1997 and has benefitted from and provided mentorship throughout her career.

Until recently Sylvia was the Executive Director- Finance & Commercial at ASX listed renewable energy company Infigen Energy, which underwent a transformation in its business strategy to become a leading renewable energy utility in Australia focussed on delivering reliable, affordable and low emissions electricity to Australia from a business which is sustainably profitable for its owners and stakeholders.

Sylvia’s passion is for businesses with a clearly defined purpose and agility in their thinking that allows business to respond effectively to the changing business operating environment of the 21st century, as it is disrupted by policy, technology, changing stakeholder expectations, and the often volatile economy. Sylvia has a reputation as a long-term strategic thinker with sound commercial judgement and enjoys a reputation for intelligence, hard work, thoughtful and constructive insights and the development and implementation of innovative solutions to challenges.

Sylvia is interested in the transition to a low carbon and circular economy and ensuring that the transition is one which ensures sustainable profitability of business, is undertaken in a manner which identifies and manages risk to society’s energy and resource requirements and where that the transition is “just” across all society. Her family owns and operates a farm at Mullimbimby in NSW where the land is being rehabilitated and where heritage breed cattle and poultry are husbanded. Sylvia swims each day and has learned to jog in recent years and is inspired by the dedication and resilience of Australia’s sporting stars as she pursues her “daily grind”.

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