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Stefanie Wilson

Stefanie Wilson is a serial entrepreneur, with experience across start-ups, scale-ups and career transitions.

As the CEO and founder of Luminair, Stefanie is entrusted by leaders in government, private and public sector to create change, through strategy. Luminair holds strategic expertise in future industries such as renewables, circular economy and major events. To date, Luminair’s strategies have created over $900m in economic impact.

Stefanie is also endlessly curious; and passionate about lighting the path for others.

Appointed by the Federal Government Department to help female founders scale-up their business, and as a mentor to Women in Technology Queensland, Stefanie is recognised as an inspiring and insightful champion of female business leadership.

Who you ‘were’ is just a stepping stone, to who you will become. Harnessing that in a way that is unique to you, is what drives Stefanie as an advisor and mentor.

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