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Sharron Flahive

Dr Sharron Flahive is the current Chief Medical Officer for the Waratahs. Sharron is the longest serving member of the Waratahs staff looking after the team for more than 15 years!Pain from injury is seldom discerning. In time, neither the young nor the old outwit its unwelcomed embrace. It greets the genders with the precision of utmost political correctness. Weekend warriors, elite and professional athletes are all welcomed with equal enthusiasm. Not being able to exercise or work due to pain from injury is frustrating to us all ... irrespective of whether you are a recreational walker or a budding professional athlete.Dr Sharron Flahive may have wide recognition from her long term involvement with the NSW Waratahs but her work transcends the sporting spectrum from the first time or recreational sportsperson to the professional athlete. Her speciality is being able to assist all patients return to fitness and to resume normal participation in their work and life without pain and dysfunction (irrespective of their level of activity).Dr Sharron Flahive is a Specialist Sports Medicine consultant having gained fellowship of the Australasian College of Sport & Exercise Physicians in 2004 and being awarded the college medal for highest achievement in her fellowship exams. She was also the first female Sports Physician to be appointed to a professional rugby union team in 1999 when she was appointed as the NSW Waratahs Chief Medical Officer. She has retained this role with the NSW Waratahs since the date of that appointment.

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