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Sarah Blizzard

Sarah Blizzard is an extremely determined and tenacious individual. She is willing to go above and beyond to achieve her goals and doesn't let setbacks knock her down. This has lead to her and her team breaking down the barriers that come with being a small nation in bobsleigh  and have showed the world what Australia  is capable of when presented with an opportunity. Core values of respect, resilience, drive and opportunity have got her to where she is today, in both her sporting and everyday life.

Sarah has always been driven to achieve with anything she has taken on. As a young athlete, she participated in many different sports until she found her love for athletics, which became a big focus over the next 9 years. Growing up in the small country town of Ararat, meant that she has always had to dedicate and sacrifice a lot to be able to compete and achieve her goals. She has moved throughout Australia and even to Germany to ensure she gives herself the best possible chance to achieve.

Outside of sport, Sarah values the opportunity to continually develop her skills in coaching and mentoring positions throughout a range of different roles. She has completed her Bachelors Degree in Sports and Exercise Science as well as further studies in nutrition and run coaching. She provides running and gym programs for the general population and is getting started in nutrition coaching for females to work alongside their athletic goals. Passionate about helping people achieve their athletic, nutrition and life goals, she aspires to be able to use her own experience and knowledge to assist others in their own journeys.

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