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Sally Carbon

Sally Carbon, OAM OLY FAICD, is a dual Olympian and dual World Cup athlete collecting gold medals in both across a nine-year reign, representing Australia in the sport of hockey.

Sally also represented WA in athletics and was a serious ballet dancer in her youth, and was in the Australian Institute of Sport for 12 years and the WA Institute of Sport for nine years.

Today, she runs her own business called the G11 Group. G11 Group offers services under the headings of strategy, execution, high performance and coaching. G11 is a nine year old consulting firm based in Perth and provides services across many ports of the World and across Australia, and across all sectors. Sally is the founding director and lead strategist – providing strategic services to some of Australia’s largest companies.

Sally is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and sits on four boards. She commenced her NED roles at age 22, and was previously a Commissioner with Sport Australia, and was also very impactful on the transition of Australian Sports Foundation as it grew from collecting $17 million to $70 million for Australian sports.

Sally has also published nine books, and three digital interactive programs supporting these books. Sally studied mathematics and physical education immediately afterschool, but switched to studying business within a year of completion of this course. Sally has been ‘officially’ mentored by a leading WA-based Non-executive Director, through an Australian Institute of Company Directors scholarship programme, and, in turn, mentors three men and two women residing in WA. She is completely open to a phone call here and there if anyone needs assistance on their journeys.

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