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Renee Taylor

Renee Taylor is current member of the Australian Women’s Hockey Team or “the Hockeyroos”, and has competed internationally at many major events including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 2018 Commonwealth Games and 2018Hockey World Cup.

Growing up in Brisbane, Qld, Renee’s entire family played hockey, so there was never any chance she wasn’t going to. Renee’s dad represented New Zealand and mum played in the Over 35 Australian Masters Team. When she was 12, Renee remembers saying that she was going to play hockey for Australia.

Renee’s story is one of determination and resilience - she didn’t make her first Queensland team until she was 17. 18 months later, she debuted for the Hockeyroos. An unusual rise, Renee played for the National team before she played for Queensland at an Open level.

Outside of hockey, Renee studies full-time a dual degree in Commerce (Accounting) and Law at Curtin University. When  not studying or training, Renee can either be found walking her dog, Lana the Cavoodle, or out on the golf course trying to improve her retirement plan.


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