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Philippa Watson

Philippa joined the National Australia Bank in 2020 to lead UBank.

With more than 600,000 customers, UBank provides a great alternative for Australians who want the benefit of a innovative, customer-focused bank, without needing access to branches.  

Prior to joining UBank, Philippa led one of the largest and most complex business divisions for the Commonwealth Bank, with 3,000 team members:

- responding to more than 50 million digital and phone interactions per year; 

- lending several billion dollars for new homes each year;

- defending the bank and its customers against several hundred million dollars of fraud attempts each year; and

- and helping thousands of customers in financial hardship.

These roles built on the experience Philippa had in prior roles, running the bank's business resilience and crisis response teams, managing internal staff conduct investigations, looking into concerns raised by internal and external whistle-blowers and managing the physical security and safety of staff across a thousand branches.  

Philippa also led a program of work or CBA, helping staff and customers in circumstances of domestic and family violence and is acutely aware of the very close links between financial security and physical safety for women in high risk circumstances.  

Philippa is a strongly of the view that women in all domains (corporate, not for profit, sports, etc) need to pursue skills, careers and ultimately financial independence so that they can maintain their wellbeing and security no matter what life throws at them.  She’s particularly engaged around the topic of helping young women make personal, professional and financial decisions early on that will set themselves up to take care of themselves through all the seasons of life.

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