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Mariko Whyte

Mariko Whyte, 30yrs old, is a half Japanese half Australian, Strongwoman athlete. Now based in Melbourne, Mariko is country-born, growing up in Warburton where she enjoyed cross country running and developed her athletic base.

She then pursued track and field but has found herself flourishing in strength sports. Most notably of these is in the sport of Strongman / Strongwoman and Olympic weightlifting.

It was in her mid 20s she really dove into strength sports which took her through bodybuilding, to powerlifting, to CrossFit, and then to Strongwoman & weightlifting.

Mariko competes in the under 82kg & under 73kg weight categories for Strong Woman sport.

Dominating almost every competition she participates in, notably she placed 2nd at the 2018 Arnold Strongman classic competition making her the second strongest woman in Australia in the under 82kg category.

In January 2022, She placed 1st in the Max axels competition u82kg category lifting 93kg for the clean and press overtaking a national record. In the same month she took 1st At the annual Compound Carnage competition, where many of Australia’s top strength athletes throw down.

On top of her impressive physical accomplishments, Mariko is an advocate for women’s physical and mental health and has a great passion for helping others discover their inner strength and self-belief.

When asked what is the one thing that she loves the most about herself it was not her own strength, but the ability to draw out the strengths in others.

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