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Lizzie Welborn

Lizzie Welborn is a 20 year old professional Surf Ironwoman from Sydney, Australia. She is one of the most accomplished young athletes that surf sport has seen in recent times. Lizzie qualified for her first professional series when she was just 16, making her one of the youngest competitors to ever qualify. Lizzie is now competing in her fifth professional series and has claimed many prestigious titles throughout her career. Alongside the professional series Lizzie has also represented Australia in the sport on multiple occasions. Lizzie’s eyes are still set on claiming a professional series title, as well as winning open Australian ironwoman and board titles. Alongside surf sports, Lizzie has also competed in many prone paddlebaording races around the world, including the gruelling 52km Molokai 2 Oahu world paddleboard championships in Hawaii.Lizzie is known for her hard work and dedication to the sport, never being too busy to devote time to coaching nippers, supporting other competitors or chatting with fans on the beach. She is already widely regarded as a positive role model in and out of the surf. Lizzie is constantly finding time to give back to the community that helped her get to where she is today. She regularly participates in clinics helping the next generation of up and coming athletes pursue their dreams, inspiring them to live healthy and active lifestyles.Outside of competing, Lizzie is currently studying environmental science at Sydney University. She is extremely passionate about protecting our precious oceans. She is a strong advocate for environmental action within the sport and her community, with plastic pollution in the ocean being her biggest concern. She strives to make society more aware of plastic pollution, educating them on ways to save the ocean and beaches we are so lucky to enjoy.

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