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Lily Brazel

Lily Brazel is a member of the Australian Women’s Hockey Team, the Hockeyroos, and is also the founder of Stature Australia, the conscious performance apparel brand.Lily debuted for the Hockeyroos in November 2017, which was also the moment the idea of Stature sprung to her mind. Lily has been apart of the Hockeyroos journey to secure silver medals at both 2018 Champions Trophy and 2019 Pro League, in which both finals they conceded to the Netherlands. Lily is fuelled by these defeats to the Dutch and visualises a different story come Tokyo 2020 (the event Lily is currently vying for selection).Stature launched in September 2019 and is Lily’s main mission outside of hockey. Through Stature, Lily’s mission is to change the way performance clothing is made, marketed, consumed and delivered to ensure minimal environmental and human impacts, whilst still supporting athletic performance. With a deep connection to nature, sport, and strong values for environmental and human protection, Stature really is an extension of Lily. Lily believes that to truly support thriving athletes, you must first support the planet in which the athletes are thriving on. Put simply, no earth = no athletes.

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