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Emily Chancellor

Emily Chancellor is an Australian Rugby Union player who is also a member of the NSW Waratah’s Super W team and a committed club person for Sydney University Football Club. Emily manages to work full time at Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness as the High Performance Assistant Manager while pursuing her Rugby dreams. Growing up in Sydney and attending school at SCEGGS Darlinghurst, Emily played many sports during her youth and only began to discover her passion and ability in Rugby when she was studying at The University of Sydney. Emily was the Australian Captain whilst playing at the World University Games for the Rugby 7's in Wales in 2016 and the NSW 7s co-captain. Chancellor has now been involved in the Buildcorp Wallaroos, two Super W titles for the NSW Waratahs, NSW 7's 10s and AON 7's teams. In August 2018 she debuted for the Wallaroos on home soil at the Bledisloe Double Header at ANZ Stadium. Chancellor capped off 2018 receiving the Wallaroo of the Year award at Rugby Australia's Awards Night. Emily received the 2019 Forward of the Year award as well as the female community service award. Emily is an Ambassador for ChildFund Australia and passionate about equal opportunity for all. Emily received 1st Class Honours in her Undergraduate Education degree and completed a Master of Management at USYD.

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