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Emily Chalker

Emily Chalker is the co-captain of the Australian Hockey Team, having made her international debut in 2011. She has gone on to play over 240 games for Australia and as a striker has scored 83 goals. Emily was born and raised in the sports-loving town of Crookwell in country NSW before moving to Perth as an 18-year-old to pursue her Olympic dream. She found a passion and love for the game of hockey as a 5-year-old girl and learnt valuable lessons of team work, self-discipline and developing a high-performance mindset.

Emily is extremely grateful for the opportunities sport has provided her. During her time in the team she has competed at 2 Olympic Games, 2 Commonwealth Games, 2 World Cups and has travelled the world playing the game she loves.

Outside of sport, Emily is in her last semester of a Commerce degree (Accounting and Banking) at Curtin University. She wishes to start part time work in the accounting industry and eventually become a Chartered Accountant.

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