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Elle Armit

Elle Armit plays water polo with the Aussie Stingers and most recently competed at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with the Australian Olympic team. Elle's most recent water polo achievements include:

- 5th 2020 Olympic Games

- 3rd 2019 World championships

- 5th 2019 World League Finals

- 2nd 2019 World League Qualification Rounds

Elle grew up in Townsville, North Queensland, with her parents and four older brothers. She moved to Brisbane when she was 18 to further her sporting goals and to study at QUT. Elle completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) in 2016. Between the years of 2010 and 2017 she lived in Brisbane, Italy, and Spain to further her water polo goals of representing Australia at the Olympics. In 2018, Elle moved to Sydney, and then to Italy once more later that same year, again in search of making those goals happen.  In 2020, Elle completed a graduate certificate in Religious Education at ACU.

In the past year Elle has been essentially homeless, living out of suitcase and travelling around the east coast with the national team, or spending the small moments of time she had to be at home, with my family back in Townsville. With her things still in storage and her life in Sydney on hold due to the pandemic, Elle is again looking to move overseas to play water polo. She is hoping during this time to do some further study or progression towards her career goal of working in Elite athlete career and education within professional sporting teams. Elle  feels her experience with studying and playing sport at a high level at multiple institutes and across various states and even countries, gives her valuable worldly experience.

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