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Elise Kellond-Knight

Elise is a current Matilda and has played over 100 games for Australia. She has competed at three World Cups and one Olympic Games. Her club career has allowed her to play in countries such as America, Denmark, Germany, Japan and Sweden.

Elise works hard off the field and has successfully combined study with competing professionally in football.  She has a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science and a Business Diploma.  She is currently completing an MBA at Griffith University, whilst also undertaking an internship with Seven Consulting, where she is learning the theory and practical skills of project management.  Elise has spent time on client sites including CBA, AMP, WorkSafe Vic and Optus.  In the future she hopes to hold a leadership position within an organisation that has a purpose aligned with her own values.

Elise sits in a unique position where she is still a current player but has active roles within the governance of football.  She sits on the FFA’s Women’s Football Council, holds a position on the Australian PFA Executive Committee and is also a member of the FIFpro global players council.  All these roles are volunteer and are in an effort to improve Women’s Football for generations to come.

Photography and travel are two of her passions and for this reason she has created a personal website to showcase her work which can be viewed at www.kellondknightphotography.com.

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