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Bernadette Harkin

Bernadette has broad experience as a ASX Non-Executive Director and a global Technology Executive. Bernadette is honoured to dedicate time to the Bondi Icebergs Club as a member of the Board.  Past experience has included supporting not for profit, spending many years supporting girls through their developing years as Girl Scouts. Currently in addition to her work, Bernadette plays an active role as a winter swimming race registrar for the IceCubes (Icebergs children’s swimming), organising an Open Water Challenge across Bondi and of course regularly immersing herself with an Open Water swimming group to maintain a healthy balance.

An Executive with international experience in both large corporate structures and the start-up of new businesses. Bernadette has a vast amount of experience in Advisory and Transformation. Tasked with the responsibility of execution of business plans and delivery of results to stakeholders. Board and Advisory roles have included very large professional services organisation and a STEM centre of Excellence. Executive roles have required an understanding on leveraging the shift in technology to drive business outcomes, specifically Digital, Cloud, Business Applications RPA & AI.

Bernadette’s portfolio of experience includes:

•       Leadership of a global organization’s  execution of all strategic components ranging from employee view of a  customer-centric focus to consolidation of operations.

•       Governance of investment portfolio of go-to-market and operational improvement.

•       Board position in a large professional services organization.

•       Working with clients to help them make the shift to a digital approach, realizing rapid go-to-market advantages.

•       Working with clients on the alignment of business and IT to drive efficiency and deliver strategic results.

•       Lead facilitator of Design-Based Thinking engagements focused on strategic business outcomes.

•       Bernadette lives in Sydney with her family enjoying the outdoor life. Previously she has lived and worked in North America, Europe and Asia.

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