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Belinda Clark

Belinda Clark, AO, is a leader in the Australian sports industry and has recently turned her attention to starting a new venture - The Leadership Playground - to support the development of leadership capability and confidence in young girls and emerging female leaders in sport.

Clark had an elite cricket career spanning 15 years and captained the Australian Team from 1994-2005. Through this period the Australian team had a win ratio of 80% and she was the first player male or female to score a double century in an ODI Match. After debuting for Australia at 20, she was thrust into the leadership role of the National Team as a 23yo and remained captain until her retirement from all levels of the game in 2005.

She was also CEO of Women’s Cricket Australia and steered the organisation through an integration with Cricket Australia who she then worked with for the next 20 years. Belinda brought an evidence-based mindset to the game, after initially training as a physiotherapist, integrating science with high-performance sport. She worked as an Executive at CA in the areas of Community and High Performance. In 2019 she lead the national teams and high performance programs through a tumultuous time in the sports history. Belinda continues to be an advocate for females in sport at all levels.

Belinda has been inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame, the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame.  In 2019, the Australian Financial Review Top 100 Women of Influence Awards recognised Belinda as the winner of the Arts, Culture and Sport category.

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