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Alexandra Viney

Born and raised in Northern Tasmania, Al has always been involved with many sports during her life and was a very promising school aged rower.

The night before her year 12 graduation, Al survived a high-speed accident caused by a drunk driver.

Due to the impairments caused in the car accident, Al’s vision was redirected from being an athlete, to becoming the best coach she could possibly be. Al graduated from Deakin University as a Sport Scientist and further invested in Strength and Conditioning (ASCA), football (AFL/ ALFW) coaching and player management. Al ran her own private sport science company for a number of years all whist investing deeply into the world of women’s football (AFLW).

In May 2018, Al was questioned why she had never competed in para sports. Unbeknown to Al, her impairments sustained 8 years earlier deemed her a para athlete. By November 2018, Al sat in a rowing boat for the first time in 8 years.

Within 4 months, Al was selected on the Australian National Rowing Team in the PR3 mixed coxed four. Furthermore, breaking two national records and an international silver medal by June 2019. Al and her crew went onto compete at the Rowing World Championships (Austria) in August 2019. The crew placed fourth overall, which qualified Australia a place at the 2020 (one) Tokyo Paralympics. Not bad for a 10-month long career.

Whilst currently training full-time, Al is also studying a Master of Business (Sports Management) at Deakin University and is in the process of launching a small start-up business. Al is determined to open doors for further inclusion, equality, wellbeing and positive culture in sport.

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