November 8, 2021

November 8, 2021



The Brisbane Business Hub was the venue for our October 25 “Pursuit of Excellence : Career Management" workshop and cocktail reception, hosted by Minerva QLD State Chapter Lead Dr. Sarah Kelly OAM.

Facilitated by Minerva QLD Champion, Glenn Jackson, Executive Director of Human Resources, QIC, Glenn Jackson said, “It was really enjoyable to conduct. The group size was perfect and the mentors joining to ‘road test’ the thinking worked really well. To see them really drill in with the Athletes on their thinking was exactly what we were hoping for.  They were an awesome group!”

Glenn explored the athletes individual drive and provided them with the tools for building their dual careers. The athletes spanned across 8 sports, from AFLW to surf lifesaving and para taekwondo. By sharing their narrative with each other in the workshop they began making vital connections. Joined by several Minerva Mentors, athletes were able to further expand their horizons as the mentors offered their experience and knowledge. Watching the new Minerva athletes at their first event, you could see their excitement when they met the mentors, realising the power of the wealth of knowledge in front of them, available free of charge through Minerva.

Paralympian Hannah Dodd said, "I had a great night at my first Minerva event this week. It was so awesome to meet so many other female athletes. Likewise the mentors were so laid back and easy to talk to, they gave great pointers and tweaks to how to present our strengths and narrative. Can't wait for the next one!"

It is never too early for an athlete to begin developing their dual career. With this Minerva workshop our athletes got the ball rolling and their minds ignited with ideas and a plan of action, in addition to expanding their networks. The Mentors fuelled these ideas with real life opportunities and advice. With the Games year coming to an end, this event excited all in attendance for the possibilities to come.

Dr Sarah Kelly OAM commented, "This QLD event brought together Minerva athletes and mentors for a career workshop to assist athletes to reflect upon their careers, their impact and their future. It was wonderful to see the athletes take this time and enjoy interacting with mentors and each other through coaching and networking."

Rachel Condos-Fields, Minerva Mentor said, "The Minerva Network hosted a career management workshop for incredible female athletes today to support them with their pursuit of excellence. It was a timely reminder to learn something new every day, expand your boundaries, raise your own standards and embrace your network."

The evening was capped off with athletes and mentors networking and creating valuable relationships. The combination of Glenn’s workshop and the mentors' wealth of experience in the workplace was the perfect combination to support our athletes for outside sport success. Glenn is a Minerva champion who, after the success of the ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ will be back “by popular demand!” to deliver more workshops in 2022. The growth and progression of women in sport on and off the field is the driving force of the Minerva Network, and the doors are always open for more athletes!

Australian Paralympian Janine Watson posted on LinkedIn: "Last night I was very delighted and grateful to be able to attend my very first in-person Minerva Network event. Being the life-long learner that I am, I soaked up all the information about career development and transferring skills, and then had a fabulous time talking with all the fabulous Minerva Mentors gaining as many insights as possible."

If you are interested in becoming involved, email or DM Robyn Danzey @ Minerva - email: