June 18, 2021

June 18, 2021


Minerva Chairman Christine McLoughlin and Minerva Athlete Chloe Dalton

Minerva Network Chairman Christine McLoughlin and Minerva Athlete Chloe Dalton spoke to ABC Radio Melbourne Mornings host Virginia Trioli about the Minerva Network and the support that Minerva gives to athletes, including those heading to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Chloe gave her insights into why she joined Minerva Network and the benefit she gains from being part of this network of leading businesswomen and sportswomen.

Last year Chloe started a platform called “the [female] athlete project” where she interviews different female athletes and highlights women in sport news. Chloe is matched with mentor Belinda Rowe, a Non-Executive Director who has extensive experience in marketing and branding. Chloe discussed the importance of working on her dual career before retiring from sport.

"Looking at the business side, I really want to continue to develop that while I have the chance while I play sport rather than getting to the end of my career and looking at retirement and feeling a bit lost.

"You attach so much of your identity to sport when you’re an athlete, when you look at the amount of joy that it brings to people, sport is really powerful like that. That why I’m looking forward to Tokyo, I hope that globally it’s an event that can bring people together to celebrate something after what has been such a tough 18 months.

"I think that because you bring other people so much joy, it’s difficult to not attach your identity too much to that too much, and I guess I’m trying to work out ways, and that’s why the support from Minerva is so incredible to develop the other areas of my life, that aren’t necessarily attached to how I perform on the field as an athlete."

Christine wrapped up by highlighting how Tokyo2020 can be an example for the business. 

"Businesses around Australia are watching very closely around the Tokyo pathways, because this could be a really good model for how we can reactivate Australia again."