April 6, 2021

April 6, 2021



“Sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong, but I never regret the experience life gives me.”

Carla Zampatti’s inspiring words and her catchphrase #LiveWhatYouLove have resonated this week with the 150-plus elite athletes who are part of the Minerva Network, some of whom were directly touched by the generosity of Australia’s style icon.

Indeed, Carla’s famous quote above could have been written for our Minerva Athletes, so apt is the message.

As tributes continue to pour in for the amazing Carla Zampatti, who sadly passed away in Sydney over Easter, our Minerva Network family has been reflecting on the love she showed our movement and the young athletes she generously supported and inspired.

It was shortly after the Minerva Network was officially launched in 2018 that Carla Zampatti reached out to our athletes, encouraging them to shoot for the stars because Dreams Come True.

Carla had heard through her lifelong friend Jillian Broadbent that some of Australia’s leading athletes had been invited to attend the Chief Executive Women’s Annual Dinner in Sydney.

Carla was early to recognise that the intersection of women in business and women in sport was sparse and felt that she would like to help make this moment shine... insisting that she provided gowns for the Minerva Athletes, who are the first to admit they are more in tune with sportswear fashion than evening wear.

The magic was even greater when Carla told the surprised young ladies that they could keep the gowns.

The Chief Executive Women’s Annual Dinner is one of the most prestigious nights on the Australian corporate calendar. It is attended by CEW Members, sponsors, CEOs and their management teams from across the country.

The Minerva Athletes were honoured to be invited to attend, and they stood out in beautiful Carla Zampatti creations.

“The girls who were touched by Carla’s generosity will never forget that moment. She wanted to support us and for us all to chase our dream,” summed up Australian Rugby 7s Olympic Gold Medallist Alicia Lucas (nee Quirk).

“It was an honour to have Carla dress me for my first CEW event. Entering her beautiful store in the Eastern suburbs was a stark contrast to the locker rooms I spent most of my days.

“We were able to choose a piece for the event to borrow and return. It was in true Carla generosity that after she saw us in the outfits on the night, she selflessly gifted them to us.

“I love dressing up away from the footy field, proudly wearing that piece to other events and will treasure it even more now.”

Carla Zampatti was a beautiful woman in every sense. A true style icon and inspiration who will be missed by many... including those of us at the Minerva Network.

A legend in business, philanthropy, fashion and womanhood. A creative genius and a wonderfully generous, elegant woman.

Vale Carla Zampatti

Christine McLoughlin

Chairman, Minerva Network

Maddy Proud at the CEW dinner. Carla was full of good humour when she let Maddy know that she had tied the strap incorrectly
Emma Tonegato, Carla Zampatti, Alicia Lucas and Christine McLoughlin.