About Minerva

Women supporting Australian women in the business of sport

When a group of like-minded business leaders start talking, things happen. A heartfelt conversation about the need to support our elite female athletes, on and off the field, soon became an idea built on three key values.


We support elite female athletes who compete in team and individual sports. And look forward to collaborating with all leading sports organisations and governing bodies.


We celebrate women who have driven their own success in business. Through the Minerva Network these women now offer their nuggets of professional and personal life experience to help ensure Australian women in sport can kick some serious business goals themselves.

Generosity of heart

We are women leaders who give our time, energy, hearts and experience because we believe in our purpose. All time spent in the Minerva Network is on a pro-bono basis.

Named by a goddess

We looked to the gods in naming our initiative. Nike? (Kind of taken). We found Minerva. The Roman god of wisdom, strategic warfare and poetry -  essential attributes for every modern-day female athlete.  Our logo celebrates the ‘wings’ our mentorship provides.