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Shae Graham

Librarian by day, wheelchair rugby player by night, Shae Graham became the first female to represent Australia playing wheelchair rugby internationally at the 2019 Four Nations tournament in Alabama. In 2021 she topped that accomplishment by becoming the first female to represent Australia playing Wheelchair Rugby at the Paralympic games. Shae made her Paralympic debut against France, where the Australian Steelers won 50-48.

At 18, Shae was a backseat passenger in a car crash. Her friend was speeding down a quiet residential street in Mackay, QLD, when he lost control of the wheel and crashed into the side of a house. The crash left Shae with many injuries; multiple spinal fractures, severe whiplash, a fractured pelvis, a brain injury and a C6 incomplete spinal cord injury.

Shae hasn't let her injury define her life and has since gone on to complete multiple degrees, work in a variety of different industries, make the move to Melbourne, and to travel the world multiple times. In 2013 Shae lost a bet to her brother which resulted in her playing wheelchair rugby, Shae is often quoted as saying "I lost a bet and found a passion".

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